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The University of Manchester Cricket Club is more than just a sports society - we are an ever evolving family of likeminded men and women who train, play, socialise, and party - always together.

We have a deep history in the city and university, as one of the longest running clubs. This gives us access to outstanding facilities for training and playing, as well as very good relationships with other societies accross the university.

Your Club & Your Uni

Across our club there is an enormously wide range of degree courses - a reflection of the universal appeal of cricket. From medics to mathematicians, historians to geologists, it's a near guarantee that in the club there will be an older member on your course. This can give you a huge advantage, as from your older counterpart you can gain a huge amount of experience. This level of interaction with older students is not possible outside of a large and thriving society such as ours.

Moreover, the timetable of training and socials is designed carefully to ensure it does not intervene with your course. Joining a society is meant to compliment your degree, not compromise it. The UMCC does this perfectly, keeping you entertained and engaged in your downtime, whilst clearing your head for your studies.

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