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Something unique, outrageous,

and brilliant - every week!

At the UMCC, we pride ourselves on our university-wide reputation for an unbelievable social life. Wednesday is the day. Not once a semester. Not once a month. Every single Wednesday. Our designated Social Secretaries - Olly Head, James Flemming, and Delphi Stringer - work together to create an inclusive and hilarious night out for all members of the club. With costumes, challenges, rules, and regulations, we embark from the Owens Park bar and arrive at the AU. This is the Athletic Union night out - designed specifically for likeminded athletes from all university sports. This is not something to miss out on.

Olly Head - Men's Social Secretary - 20/21

James Fleming - Men's Social Secretary - 20/21

Delphi Stringer - Women's Social Secretary - 20/21


Our socials are not just limited to Manchester - through partnership with the hospitality company Invades, the UMCC was able to attend the Aintree races, Haydock Park Races, and the Darts Championship, at a dicsounted price.

Unique oppotunities like these are arranged by the club, and enhance your university experience greatly.


There is no better feeling than wearing your coveted club tie, surrounded by your UMCC family.

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