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Welcome to the


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Who are we?

Yes, it stands for exactly what you think.

On top of everything that the UMCC offers, we also have our own football club, but don't be fooled by our cricketing roots - we're decent.

Gaining promotion to the UoM Campus Premier League (in 2018/19), we compete every Wednesday in the highest standard of 11-aside football within the university.

While our 2019/20 season was finished early due to the pandemic, we finished 6th in the Premier League - a good result for our first season there, featuring the league's greatest upset, as we came back from 3-1 down to beat AC Medics 3-4.

Win or lose, we debrief at The Friendship Inn, Fallowfield, after every fixture, before embarking on the weekly social. With the whole club behind us - often spectating - the success of the UMCCFC is integral to the entire club. Joining the FC could be a brilliant decision, as a save, a tackle, or a screamer, could just make you a club hero!

This season we will be captained by the great Nicky Kirkwood, and hope for another successful season.

Up the UMCCFC.

Joining the UMCCFC

Contry to most Premier League Clubs, the UMCCFC does not run a trial to select the team. Instead, we'll chose the squad based upon which great blokes seem fit, keen, and have good footballing experience.


You earn your place in the starting XI through performances on the pitch, not through tedious trialling.

This makes the UMCCFC the easiest path to playing high level football at university, another reason to join our ilustrious club.

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